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Server Status Checker

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Video Downloader for Facebook, Linkedin, Dailymotion, and 31+ more Websites ! Facebook-Online Video Downloader

About Server Status Checker

The Small Seo Tool server status checker will let you to get what response or status code the web server is persistent when the user visiting webpage. This online tool will also inform you the website status like is the site accessible or not.

If your web server is not operational, end users won't be able to check the site. Which will disturb the income or the remunerations.

The web server may display different type of status code as follows;

  • If you’re seeing HTTP status 200 or 404 then it means that server is running and the configuration is correct.
  • When the web server will respond with HTTP status code 503, then there is configuration error.
  • When your server is not accessible, then message will be "Could not connect to the domain U.R.L that refers the server is either down or there is no site known URL".
  • If the webpage is accessible, you will get that HTTP status Online.

How can I use this Online Tool to Check Server Status?

Enter URL one per line in the above text area.

Click on the Submit button.

The test will run and extract the results quickly.

Why I Need to Check Website Status - HTTP Code?

Being a webmaster, you must pay attention to the server status lol and this tool for Server Status Checker on SEO Reports can be very handy and beneficial for you.

The good thing about this Server Status lol Checker tool is that you can find the Server Status of 100 URL(s) at the same time. It lets you to find the server status of multiple url’s or domains at the same time. Not any other free tool lets you check too much URLs at once, rather they charge you for such services.

A Short Description about Server Status lol

To keep inspection, the server status of your sites and hosting if you own many sites, is a good practice. When you are not able to connect to a particular web, then you might necessity to explore website status to find out the server status. This will enable you to check if the website is down or blocked by the server.

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